Dan WolaniukDan Wolaniuk

Dan Wolaniuk
Dan Wolaniuk
Education: New Jersey Institute of Technology
HomeTown: New Jersey
Occupation: Engineer, J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc.

Dan Wolaniuk

Along with his degree in civil engineering, work experiences and the necessary skills required for his job as project engineer for J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc., Dan Wolaniuk brings one other quality to his job—enthusiasm. Since graduating from New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2004, Dan has been successfully steering his career as a civil engineer. A CIAP scholarship recipient for two years, Dan gained invaluable experience through his internships. Even before the graduation ceremony, Dan was hired by one of the state’s largest contractors, J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc., to work on a bridge lengthening project, which involved six bridges.
When asked about his most rewarding project to date, Dan pointed to the rebuild of Rainbow Lake/Dam in South Jersey after a storm swept most of the bridge and road away. “Working on Rainbow Lake was fun,” he says. “There were cranes with pile drivers going 10 hours a day; we had a 100 thousand pound excavator in use most of the time. When things work out on time and you actually get to see the finished product, it gives you a sense of pride.”  

Dan’s enthusiasm extends beyond the job site. He has been a guest speaker for a Builder’s Club program at the Atlantic County Library System, Mays Landing. He shared his experiences (and slide show) of the Rainbow Lake project with the young builders and discussed how and why he pursued a career in civil engineering.

His career advice to high school students: Consider Construction! “Working in the heavy highway field feels good because I know that some of the work I have done either helps people arrive at work or maybe makes the commute a little easier,” Dan says.