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Jimmy Jurinko
Jimmy Jurinko
Education: Voorhees High School and Hunterdon County Polytech
HomeTown: Voorhees
Occupation: Crew Chief, McDonald's

Jimmy Jurinko

Jimmy Jurinko, age 17 and a senior at Voorhees High School and Hunterdon County Polytech, plans to build his career at McDonald's. Jimmy talks about how he is headed for bigger things than burger flipping under the golden arches.

Job History: I started working at McDonald's as a member of the crew when I was 14.

Current Job: Crew chief

Hours Worked: 33 a week

Current Training: Studying ServSafe, a food safety book

Short-term Goal: Shift manager, who works part-time and has a flexible schedule

Life After High School: I plan to attend Raritan Valley Community College while still working here at McDonald's, either taking night classes and working here during the day or taking online courses.

College Major: I'll study business management at Raritan to support my career at McDonald's.

Why McDonald's?: Working with managers has made me realize that there are other opportunities in the business, and ever since I started working here when I was 14, it has built my confidence up a lot because of the skills I've learned.

Why Jimmy?: My boss Diane Koury says it was "the greatest day" when I started working for the company.

All in the Family: I got my mom a job here a year after I started working for McDonald's. We're both at the same level, crew chief, so I work alongside her a lot. It's actually not that bad. My mom has been my best friend for a very long time.

The Boss on Burger Flippers

Diane Koury, who along with her husband, Phil, owns four McDonald's restaurants in Hunterdon County, has a few words for those who put down "burger flipping" as a career. "People who say these things have no clue about the breadth and depth of the training at McDonald's. The training is amazing!" Need convincing?

1,200 of McDonald's restaurant owners and operators got their start working in the McDonald's crew, including Diane and Phil Koury, who now run million-dollar businesses.

20 of 50 McDonald's top management team got their start in our restaurant, including CEO, Jim Skinner.

Hamburger University, McDonald's training center in Illinois, is considered a global center of excellence for McDonald's operations training and leadership development.

More than 275,000 McDonald's franchisees, managers and employees have graduated from Hamburger University worldwide.

The average restaurant manager has completed the equivalent of approximately 21 credit hours of college-level work through their McDonald's training, which is equal to about one semester of college.