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Health and Medical Science Academy Students
Health and Medical Science Academy Students
Education: Morristown High School
HomeTown: Morristown
Occupation: Scientists and Mathematicians-in-Training

Health and Medical Science Academy Students

The kids in this picture are all students of the Health and Medical Science Academy at Morristown High School, a school-within-a-school for students interested in a health, medical or pharmaceutical-related career. Through a state-run program, Morristown High teamed up with Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company located near the school, to develop the academy. Participating students take all the regular classes, amped up with more science and medicine-related lessons. They also have access to Pfizer employees for mentoring and job shadowing.

"It's turned out to be better than I thought because I thought it was just going to mean more studying," says Karen Murillo, a Health and Medical Science Academy junior. "I learn better hands-on, and this program has plenty of that. We're working on 3-D skeletons and get to put all the muscles where they belong. I want to be a gynecologist, but this shows you other careers, too. It's been good."

A worst case scenario might be that an academy student goes through four years of high school with a high concentration of math and science and then becomes a philosophy major in college. They may think that they never want to see math or science again. But at least they know. It's all about being able to make informed decisions.