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Triston Hibbert
Triston Hibbert
Education: West Milford Township High School; Chubb Institute
HomeTown: Mahwah
Occupation: Desktop Solutions Specialist

Triston Hibbert

Triston Hibbert moves fast. As desktop solutions specialist for Organon, the largest pharmaceutical company within Akzo Nobel, Triston works with energy, action and enthusiasm. A few times a year he travels to new company sites around the world, where he helps set up and maintain IT infrastructure.

"We make sure the sites are up and running and connected to our resources," he says. He travels to big cities like Las Vegas, at annual sales rep meetings to run updates on their computers when they're all together.

As part of a team, his typical day at Organon's headquarters consists of working on ongoing projects--at the moment, three. He's currently upgrading everybody to XP and correcting associated problems as they pop up. He handles support for video conferencing and Web conferencing. Organon's Web-conferencing program, "Centra," allows participants to view slides and speak. "If something goes wrong with that server, nobody's going to be able to use that product," he says. He is also a resource within the department. If desktop help can't fix a problem, the problem is sent his way.

Triston didn't reach this career path through the traditional four years of college. He took a detour from West Milford Township High School straight to Chubb Institute and earned a Certificate in Computer Technology Support in six months. "At the time I was looking at colleges, computer degrees were computer science. I wanted to be more Internet working and tech support," he says. Just call it Team Triston.