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Peter Verrillo
Peter Verrillo
Education: Stevens Institute of Technology
HomeTown: Mahwah
Occupation: Project Manager of Platform Innovation

Peter Verrillo

As product manager of platform innovation in the Innovation & Business Development Group of Mahwah's Stryker Orthopaedics (sister company to Stryker International), Peter begins a project by listening to a surgeon's ideas about how a new implant could fit or work differently. Then he and his team set to making knees and hips.

"We must make a good knee. We strive to make it perfect because it's going into a person. We have to make sure it works--every time," he says.

As a kid Peter always took things apart and put them back together, so he took Industrial Arts in high school. "I got into CAD [Computer-Assisted-Design] and took four years of drafting. It really helped me understand where I wanted to be in engineering."

After an internship while at Stevens, he joined the co-op program for four semesters, and earned a BE in Mechanical Engineering. "I like the fact that I'm involved with every part of a product, he says. "I get a chance to design it with a designer, manufacture it with a manufacturing team, sell it with the sales force and see how it does on the market. It's real nice to see a patient feel better." PETER'S TIPS - Learn calculus and how to apply it. It's the foundation for all engineering from thermodynamics to machine design. - Learn CAD or Pro Engineer or Solid Works. - Go to a college with a good co-op or internship program. - Be a perfectionist.