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Aziza Davis
Aziza Davis
Education: Columbia High/Rutgers Business School
HomeTown: Maplewood
Occupation: Project Manager

Aziza Davis

As project manager of the Sales Communication Process Project, Aziza's goal is to streamline communications from the office to the sales reps in the field. First, she crafted a questionnaire. Next, she wrote copy for a postcard that would entice people to answer the questionnaire by offering them a chance to win a Jack Nicklaus golf driver. And meanwhile, she and a team are creating an efficient express-mail procedure for the company to send info to the field reps.

In marketing, teamwork gets things done. Aziza gets information about Stryker's products from the company's marketing groups, then writes and uploads the details onto its Intranet. This enables sales reps to get the latest info about the products they sell to doctors and hospitals. Plus, she published an article in the company magazine about a new marketing tool for online conferencing. Daunting? Not for Aziza! She thrives on excitement and deadline.

"I love my job. I do different things almost every day. It's challenging. It forces me to dig down deep and see how I can contribute," she says.

But it wasn't always so. "In high school, my idea about people in office buildings was, what did they do? Shuffle papers? I had no idea they were managing projects, tracking financials and marketing," explains Aziza, who graduated from Columbia High in Maplewood.

In college, Aziza went for journalism but fell for Shakespeare and, later, armed with a bachelor's in English, she jumped into publishing and a series of marketing jobs. She finally asked herself, "Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life?" Wanting to use her newfound business skills with writing, she went back to Rutgers Business School and earned her MBA. While there, she applied to Stryker and attended a special information session they presented on campus. After five interviews, she joined them. "I discovered that marketing communications is a good fit for me," she says. "Stryker is the one company that I look forward to coming to work to every day. I really enjoy it. I never had a job like this before."

Aziza loves her job because there's always something new. She uses her talent for writing and works with dynamic people, but she is not without a constant source of inspiration. "My father gave me a quote from Calvin Coolidge when I was about 13 and it has been my guide ever since. You can achieve nothing without the determination to succeed and the will to constantly ‘press on' no matter what. I have the quotation taped to my mirror at home so I can look at it every day."