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Nancy Price
Nancy Price
Education: Overbrook Regional High School
HomeTown: Pine Hill
Occupation: Geology Professor in Training

Nancy Price

Nancy Price grabs her gear and shoots across Route 23 to check out a huge chunk of rock with layers so bent and folded they look like a giant jelly roll. She climbs it and whips out a special compass to measure its angles, which tells her a lot about what's going on below ground.

Nancy is impassioned--a rock lover with hi-tech gadgets. A self-described "super senior" in her fifth year at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in Pomona, Nancy is majoring in both geology and biology.

As a kid Nancy liked digging in the backyard just to see what was under the ground. She graduated from Overbrook Regional Senior High School in Pine Hill in 2000. "My goal is to find out about the world and to get as much information as possible about geology. I like finding out about the earth and how it formed," says Nancy. "I'd like to be a university professor of geology. If I'm going to make any impact, it's on the next generation. Teaching is important to further geology's legacy and to have people appreciate what's out there." Nancy takes biology for insurance. "I feel more versatile with two degrees. As I was taking it, I realized how everything is interrelated."