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Megan Moran
Megan Moran
Education: Pennsville Memorial High School
HomeTown: Pennsville
Occupation: Medical Researcher

Megan Moran

Megan Moran, a graduate of Pennsville Memorial High School, is in her fifth year at Rowan University in Glassboro. With a B.S. in chemical engineering, she is pursuing a B.S. in biochemistry.

Megan, 22, is interested in neurological and eating disorders. Her ultimate goal is medical research to understand how the body works--the biological side of nutrition. She currently does nutritional counseling at Rowan's recreation center and as a fitness tech at Curves.

Last year Megan did research in nanotechnology, the science of manufacturing things at the molecular level, creating products that are stronger, lighter and more effective. She and a classmate got into construction--on a cellular scale. They made scaffolding for bone cells with edges that are one-tenth the diameter of a human hair. Researchers at Columbia University will insert real bone cells in Megan's model this year. They want to understand how bone cells interact and to understand diseases like osteoporosis. This fall, Megan presents her award-winning work at the Society of Women Engineers conference in Milwaukee.

"It was interesting," says Megan. "I also like the fact it was aiding to do studies outside the body and aiding in research that doesn't test on animals." Her plan is to finish her B.S. and maybe work for a year to get an idea of the type of research she wants to do.