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Emily Rubino
Emily Rubino
Education: Sparta High School
HomeTown: Sparta
Occupation: Wake Forest University Student/Winner of Unusual Scholarship

Emily Rubino

The $2,500 New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Foundation scholarship competition is open to New Jersey residents who are high school seniors and have visited the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial in Holmdel. The scholarship is awarded based on an essay they write about the visit.

Emily Rubino, who graduated from Sparta High School in June 2004 and is now a freshman at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, was one of two students who won the scholarship in 2004. She heard about it through her school's guidance department. "I had just turned eighteen and my senior year was nearly over when I went to the memorial," says Emily.

"Last week I turned eighteen, and suddenly I am an adult," Emily wrote when she got home from the memorial. "At the memorial, a certain birth date engraved into the black stone captured my attention--my birth date, March 31. Linwood E. Hyman was born on March 31, 1951 and died November 27, 1969. He died at age eighteen. These people were once seventeen, attending high school, worrying about homework, grades, teachers, friends and the prom. Like me, they had their Eighteenth birthday and entered the adult world with the innocence of youth still fresh in their veins."

New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation Phone Number: (732) 335-0033

Are you a Trekkie? Or better yet a Duct-tape-wearing Trekkie? Have we got a scholarship for you! According to a CNN/Money feature called "Goofy Scholarships," lots of grants are available for weird reasons. Here are a few of the zaniest ones:

You quack me up. Quack like a duck and you could win $1,500 from the Stuttgart, Arkansas Chamber of Commerce's Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest. Log onto or call (870) 673-1602 for more info.

Stuck trying to find a Prom dress? Try the Henkel Consumer Adhesives, Inc. "Duck® Brand Duct Tape Stuck at Prom® Contest. If you and a friend go yo your high school prom wearing outfits made from duct tape, you can each win up to $2,500.00. Details at

Resistance is futile. OK, that's a Borg greeting, but the Klingon Language Institute offers a $500 Kor Memorial Scholarship for undergrads who are studying language. Beam over to for rules.