Paul BoyerPaul Boyer

Paul Boyer
Paul Boyer
Education: Saint Francis College in Loretto
HomeTown: Haddon Heights
Occupation: Technology CEO

Paul Boyer, CEO of ComTec Communications in Vineland, says that the tech field is "so dynamic and ever-changing," that he couldn't help but want a job in it. He joined the telecommunications and data company in 2002, and now handles all aspects of the day-to-day running of the business, from the sales side to the design work. ComTec Communications handles sales and support of traditional voice, voice over IP, video, data communications, and other emerging technologies.

Boyer didn't start out with an interest in technology. The Haddon Heights native graduated from Saint Francis College in Loretto, Pennsylvania in 1981, with a degree in business and went on to a sales spot at U.K.-based Cable & Wireless, working on the data services side of the telecom company. That's where he got a feel for the tech industry, and admits he was hooked.

Boyer soon shifted his focus from a sales career to a tech one. He co-founded International Distribution & Consulting Inc. (IDCI) in 1992, serving as CEO of the Internet service provider (ISP), one of the first of its kind in the ISP game. PSINet, another ISP, bought IDCI in March 2000.

Boyer joined ATX Communications, a telecommunications company in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, as vice president of integration and major markets in 1997. "I loved building wide area networks for Corporate America," he notes. "I looked at a PC like it was a phone. It wasn't sending a voice call. It was sending data.

"For those who think the tech world is far removed from the rest of business, or is somehow limiting, Boyer contends that being in this field is like any other trade. Everything you learn along the way can be applied to many other technical jobs. "I like the nuts and bolts of technology," he says.