March 7, 2012 — Summer Job Search: Start Early

President Barack Obama recently announced the Summer Jobs+ program to help get more teens hired for summer jobs. The Obama administration’s commitment to youth employment will help at least some of the estimated 1.4 million young Americans who are out of work find jobs this summer – and learn valuable skills for a lifetime in the job market. Michael Saltsman, a research fellow at the Employment Policies Institute in Washington, D.C. who is an expert on entry-level employment, says, “Teens need to be in the mindset to search for their summer employment earlier. There is going to be more competition for these jobs,” he suggests, adding that many applications will be coming through the door and sitting on the hiring manager’s desk. “Making an in-person follow up visit and dressing nicely for your follow up could help set you apart from other people who are just turning in an application and hoping they get a call back.”