February 18, 2011-Achievement Gap 2011

According to the College Board’s 7th annual Report to the Nation released in early February, 2011, wealthier New Jersey students are among the best prepared in the nation to succeed in college. Lower-income and minority students, however, don’t take as many advanced-level courses and are not as ready for higher education. Approximately 58.5 percent of white graduates took at least one Advanced Placement exam, compared to 5.7 percent of African Americans, 11.3 percent of Hispanics and 10.7 percent for low-income students. “We need to transform our educational system into one that provides greater opportunities for all students,” acting New Jersey Department of Education Commissioner Chris Cerf said. In fact, New Jersey is working toward education reform that will require more advanced-level classes in all high schools. To read the full College Board report, visit http://www.collegeboard.com/apreport.