August 30, 2010-A Summer of Real Work Experience

According to an article in Princeton’s Town Topics newspaper, several teens have had a productive and fun summer working with the Princeton Township Human Services Department-sponsored Summer Youth Employment Program. Each year, 20 to 25 Mercer County high school students, ages 14 to 17, are selected to participate in the program, which pairs the student with a local non-profit organization or government agency for a seven-week internship. This year, students also attended three employment workshops where professionals came to speak to the teens about their experiences in the workforce. Students worked for such organizations as the U-NOW Day Nursery, Princeton Nursery School, the Bonner Foundation and the Princeton Public Library. Said Princeton High School senior Zaid Smart, who worked during the summer as a janitor at Princeton’s Riverside Elementary: “Actually doing the job opens your eyes a lot. You respect the position, and you respect the people who do it.”