Aug-24-2009 Help for Medical and Dental Students

In celebration of its 50th year in operation, the New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority has introduced a new program to assist medical and dental students. Under the MedNJ program, students will be able to finance up to the full cost of their education and defer payments for up to 36 months of their internship. MedNJ offers one of the lowest, fixed interest rates available for graduate medical or dental school, starting at 8.2 percent.

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  • Three years of mathematics, including algebra I, effective with the 2008-09 ninth-grade class; geometry, beginning with the 2010-11 ninth grade class; and a third year of math that builds upon these two courses, beginning with incoming freshmen in 2012-13;
  • Three years of lab science, including biology, effective with the 2008-09 ninth grade class; a choice among chemistry, physics or environmental science, beginning with incoming freshmen in 2010-11; and a third inquiry-based lab or technical science, beginning with incoming freshmen in 2012-13; and
  • One half-year of economics and financial literacy, beginning with incoming freshmen in 2010-11.

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