Step 1: AssessmentStep 1: Assessment

Check out the following websites with fun quizzes and questions to help you match up your interests to various careers.  Give them a try!  And be sure to jot down what you learn, especially any occupational suggestions. You'll use that information during Step 2—the Exploration phase—where you will research your options based on what you discover here.

"Could This Be Your Life?"
This  interactive journey takes you through the consequences that selecting a career, forming a family and choosing a place to live may have on your life.  Feel free to play it over again with different options.

The Perfect Career Inventory
A free career interest inventory, accessed from this homepage, helps you identify related occupations in career fields by reviewing common work activities found in the world of work and selecting those that interest you.  A thorough survey generates a final chart illustrating your level of interest in 21 major career fields.

A Division of CareerBuilder®—an online employment web site—CareerPath® offers free career tests, personality assessments and job advice to help you plan your next steps after high school.  Or, if you are planning a career change, find out what motivates you and learn about opportunities in other professions.

Mapping Your Future
This web site will help you to assess your skills and tap into your interests as a way to better match up potential career paths.

Career One Stop
A U. S. Department of Labor (USDOL) web site that helps you identify your skills, interests and values and looks at how they fit into a career.  Then, using the "Skills Profiler" career tool, the site provides a step-by-step guide to create a list of skills and match them to careers.  One of a four-pronged approach that helps students identify interests, explore careers, get work experience and find education options.

The Princeton Review Career Quiz

Career Profiles:
The Career Quiz uses a 24-question survey to profile your career interests and personal style. A preliminary report identifies job categories that match these interests; the site requires you to register to receive a more detailed career profile. This site also features free "Day in the Life” profiles of numerous career options, from Accountant and Hospice Nurse to Paramedic and Web Master. Related occupations are listed along with each job profile. Finally, the site offers direct links to hundreds of Career Internship opportunities nationwide.

Career Zone
Lots of help with career planning.  For example, an "Assess Yourself" tool ( allows you to match three top areas of interest to hundreds of job descriptions in career fields relating to Arts & the Humanities; Business & Information Systems, Engineering & Technology; Health Services; Human & Public Services; and Natural & Agricultural Sciences.  Each job profile includes a detailed list of common tasks and skills required.

O*Net Online
A "Skills Search" tool matches your skills to detailed job descriptions, including information on work activities, work values, wage and employment data, and related occupations.

Once you’ve had a chance to learn about yourself, now it’s time for Step 2:  Exploration