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International Studies

At the end of September 2012, New Jersey lieutenant governor Kim Guadagno announced a new statewide program to help small export businesses gain better access to foreign markets. Companies that export typically make products in New Jersey and ship them to customers overseas. “The New Jersey State Trade and Export Promotion program will equip small businesses with better knowledge and provide opportunities to promote their goods and services in the global marketplace,” said Guadagno.

The import-export business is part of international trade and involves both bringing products into the country to sell, as well as shipping them to foreign markets. Students who focus on this area of business study the global economy and cross-cultural communications. The import-export area of study often falls under an international business degree. Earning a degree in international business and global management includes studies in such areas as international trade laws, emerging and developing global markets, international marketing, international transportation and logistics, international business finance and international management and business decisions.

International development is another area of global studies. While it is often a masters’ level degree, it may follow undergraduate studies in a variety of areas, such as economics, social sciences and international business, to name a few. International development focuses on the economic, social and political progress of global cultures. Courses may include education and national development, conservation, urban geography and environmental politics. Related careers are jobs as government officials, policy directors and refugee relief organizers.

If you want to explore more about higher-ed related to globalization, check out schools that offer an International and Global Studies program for undergraduates, such as the College of Saint Elizabeth in Morristown. Also, visit the Rutgers Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs, which is listed below in the Resource Corner. Most colleges also have a semester abroad, which expands students’ awareness of global perspectives. If this interests you, make sure your college choice includes this opportunity.