What's Next...Figuring Out Your FutureWhat's Next...Figuring Out Your Future

What's Next...Figuring Out Your Future

Thinking four years of college after high school isn’t for you? Great news…you have options! Answer True or False to the following five questions and then check out the answers at the bottom of the page. You may discover the right fit for your future.

1. Some 40% of students who start college don’t graduate from the same school.
True or False?

2. Pursuing a career in the trades—like construction or bricklaying—means that much of your education is free.
True or False?

3. Hamburger University is a school that SpongeBob SquarePants attends.
True or False?

4. A gap year always means you get to hang out with friends and party after you graduate from high school.
True or False?

5. Two years at a more affordable community college before transferring to a four-year institution to complete your degree can be a valuable option.
True or False?

6. Companies like Wawa and Wegmans provide valuable post-high school options by way of corporate training programs or entry-level career ladders.
True or False?

7. You should consider attending a career school after high school if you’re not sure what you want to study.
True or False?

8. Green jobs like installing solar panels at companies like PSE&G are critical to New Jersey’s economy and a potential career path for high school graduates.
True or False?

1. True. Either students choose a college that is not the right fit, or they go on to a four-year college after high school because they feel they have to—instead of exploring their options.

2. True. Apprentices do not pay for their education. The cost is covered by special training funds set up by each trade union. Apprentices only pay for their tools.

3. False. Hamburger University is the training center for McDonald’s managers and is known for its high quality leadership development.

4. False. A gap year, which means you take a year off between high school and the real world, is a great time to enrich your life through travel, work and internships in order to figure out how you want to proceed with your future.

5. True. Community college is a terrific option, and New Jersey has 19 of them. Also, if you are able to get good grades at community college, you can get academic scholarships once you transfer.

6. True. Some companies have their own internal training programs, where employees can advance from basic-skills jobs to supervisory positions, to middle management and beyond. Popular on-the-job trainers include Target, Trader Joe’s, Starbuck’s, ShopRite, Wegmans and McDonald’s.

7. False. If you already have a career direction in mind and you want to get to it, career or vocational school could be a smart choice. This allows you to have a laser focus on your future. Check out the Cyber Stop to find a list of N.J. career schools.

8. True. Everyone’s talking about the new energy economy, including the folks that run some of New Jersey’s largest businesses, like PSE&G and New Jersey Natural Gas. Explore your green job options!