Your Social ImpactYour Social Impact

Your Social Impact

  1. Joining an organization. One of the quickest ways to raise your own awareness about the needs that are literally staring you in the face is to join a group that is focused on giving back. Research local charities like Big Brother/Big Sister or look into joining groups that are often aligned with community activism, such as Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts. Be involved and you will soon see the results of your personal social impact.
  2. Discovering your inner entrepreneur. A social entrepreneur seeks to create social change through his or her business venture. Maybe you raise money for the local library or food bank through your lemonade stand or you find some other way to use your clever business skills to give back. Social enterprises usually have what is called a triple bottom line: They want to improve the environment, develop the community and achieve financial goals. For example, next time you drink a bottle of Honest Tea, remember that founder Seth Goldman is also trying to quench his thirst for social and environmental change.
  3. Becoming an informed consumer. Shopping is fun, but it can also be meaningful. No, you don’t have to buy t-shirts made from hemp, although wearing clothes that are environmentally sound can be a cool idea. You can also learn the concept of fair trade. Products that we use every day, from clothing and jewelry to chocolate, coffee, sugar and bananas, are often sourced from poor, rural areas of the world where laborers and artisans are not given the same economic and social opportunities as workers in more developed regions. Fair trade is a movement in the business world that advocates the payment of higher prices to these producers. Buying fair trade products can have a global impact.
  4. Shopping the local farmstand. Buying fresh, locally grown produce not only helps support farmers near your town, it also helps your diet—and often these foods are organic, which means they are grown without the use of chemicals and therefore help the environment. Live in the city? Chances are you have an urban farm nearby that wants you to have access to healthy, fresh food and raise your awareness about the importance of these foods in your diet.