Scary Missteps on the Path to Your FutureScary Missteps on the Path to Your Future

Scary Missteps on the Path to Your Future

Leaving October can be downright frightening—ask any Halloween fan. The same holds true for leaving high school. Don’t get spooked! Avoid these wrong moves and you may just tackle that rocky post-high school terrain successfully:

1. The Last-minute Scramble. Don’t wait until the night before graduation to start thinking about what tomorrow brings. Invest some time into a little post-grad planning and you will rest easy once your tassel has been turned.

2. It’s What They Want. No! It’s what you want. Mom and Dad may want you to join the family business or go straight to college, but if it’s not what you want, then you will ultimately be unhappy. Consider all your options—from learning a trade to joining a corporate training program at a company like Wegmans or McDonald’s. Figure out what is the right decision for you.
3. Money Talks. Well, yes, it’s important to consider your financial well-being. But it’s not the only determinant in how you shape your career. We all want to be successful—just make sure you understand what success means to you. Some rich people are miserable because they get no satisfaction from their jobs.

4. Must Keep Going. Not necessarily. If you need some time to figure it all out, why not consider a gap year between high school and your next move? Take that time to research, explore and experience and maybe even grow up a little. You’ll be much more prepared to make informed decisions about your future. 

5. Failure Is Not an Option. Says who? Life’s most valuable lessons come from falling down and pulling yourself back up again. Failure is often a blessing in disguise because it teaches you a lot about yourself and your choices. Embrace your mistakes and learn from them.
6. I Can’t Do It. We all find that taking risks and venturing outside our comfort zone can be frightening and intimidating. But the only way you can grow is to sometimes push yourself to achieve what may seem like the impossible. Go for it! You can do it. Need more convincing? Find a mentor to help motivate you and cheer from the sidelines.