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Cyber Sleuths

The news hit the wires in late August, 2009: "Largest Corporate Identity Theft Case in History" goes down in New Jersey. Three men were charged with conspiracy and conspiracy to engage in wire fraud and accused of using a sophisticated computer hacking technique to get around corporate firewalls and steal the credit- and debit-card information of store customers.

Where there are computers, there is cybercrime, such as cyber stalking, computer hacking, embezzlement and identity theft. Information security is a critical part of the homeland security job market. Info security experts protect all types of information and the systems that move this information. They make sure that important information gets to the right place and doesn't get into the wrong hands. More specifically, cybersecurity specialists are the workers who protect the data and systems in networks that are connected to the Internet. Cybersecurity is considered to be a growing career field and is in demand in almost every industry.

Starting this fall, Middlesex County College is offering a certificate in Information Systems Security. The program will prepare students for entry-level jobs to protect the nation's information infrastructure. Students who receive the certificate after one year of courses are eligible to take the COMPTIAA Security + test and become certified security technicians.

A four-year college degree in cybersecurity and computer forensics is not necessary, but, as with all fields, it is helpful if you want to be prepared and advance through the ranks. More and more colleges are offering specialized degrees in this area. Cybersecurity jobs are not limited to computer programming or network analysis and engineering. Some other cybersecurity-related jobs include:

  • Steganography—Reviewing graphics files for embedded code.
  • Cryptanalysis—Using analytics and mathematics to break codes.
  • Cyber Crime Investigation—Collecting, analyzing and investigating digital evidence to track cyber trails.