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Get in the Game

A professional sports career does not necessarily have to include a uniform and hours of endurance training. The list of professional sports-related jobs is as big as a football field and equally as satisfying for all you high school high scorers. Do you have what it takes? If so, why not consider some of these great sports-related careers: 

  • Sports Management: This has to do with the business of the sports industry, everything from accounting, management and marketing to economics and computer applications. Somebody has to run the business behind the scenes. A few jobs to consider are facility management, a program director in a community sport program, academic services for student-athletics, an athletic business manager and a director of ticketing and finance.
  • Sports Agent: A person who gets and negotiates employment and endorsement deals for athletes. In return, the agent can get a commission that is as much as 10 percent of the contract. Agents have to be prepared to handle public relations for the athletes they represent, as well as the athlete's finances.
  • Athletic Trainer: This is more than helping bandage knees and massage cramps. Athletic trainers have to like sports, the sciences and medicine and they need excellent interpersonal skills to communicate with athletes, coaches and parents. Certified athletic trainers are well versed in the sciences and some medicine and work under the direction of the team physician. Can you handle the sight of blood? You may be the one called to the ice to help a player whose juggler vein and carotid artery have been severed by a competitor's skate.
  • Sports Writer: If you love sports and love to write-why not combine the two? Of course, you're not alone. Sports journalism is very competitive. You can expect to start small-possibly a sports writer for a newspaper in a small city or town. It's a good idea to get experience on your high school and/or college paper before trying to move into the big leagues. Check out's link to the 20 newspaper sports columnists you should read at

Some of the recent featured sports jobs and internships at job board in the sports industry, include senior coordinator, special events for Major League Baseball, corporate sales account executive for the Golden State Warriors and director of game operations for the Odessa Jackalopes. Check it out to search all types of sports-related jobs and the skills needed to succeed in them.